Experienced attackers teach Black Box attacks 28.04.2018

Experienced attackers teach Black Box attacks

According to law enforcement agencies and Russian banks attacks on ATMs have increased this month. It is reported that in April, 10 cases of hacking self-service devices were recorded, while for the whole of 2017 only 21 appeals were received.
Scammers have chosen a long-known scheme to get money. It is the Black Box technology. The attack is aimed at direct issuance of cash by connecting a third-party device to the dispenser. This is done either through a drilled hole, or using the keys of engineers to open the service part of the ATM.
Another interesting fact is that experienced burglars try to protect themselves in these operations. Attackers train others and receive a percentage of successfully done work.
Attacks such as the Black Box are not new, however, there are still some vulnerabilities. If, for example, the place where the safe is installed is maximally protected, then the upper, service part is still easily accessible for opening, even to inexperienced attackers.
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